Military Grade MRE Meals Have Advantages

There are many reasons that you may have an interest in MREs. Many like them when they’re out camping or hunting. Others keep them around so that they will have an emergency food supply when there isn’t any water or power. Regardless of your reason, if you’ve shopped for MREs then you’re already aware that there are two different kinds on the market today. There are the civilian and the military grade MREs available.

The Military grade MREs seem to have fewer options than the civilian MREs. However, they tend to be more nutritious and longer lasting than those of civilians. You’ll also be much more likely to get a complete meal when you choose a military MRE over a civilian MRE. With a Military MRE you’ll get a bread option, a spread as well as a snack and a dessert. You’ll also get a beverage and in most cases, you’ll also get an accessory kit including instant coffee and non-dairy creamer. Silverware and condiments will also be included. Flameless rations or FRH are sometimes optional.

Civilian grade MREs, on the other hand, frequently mix and match the components of the meal. You can’t depend on a full meal deal with these and you’ll often have to supplement them if you do want a full meal. For this reason, the military grade options are often the most often sought after MREs.

Naturally, if you’re a purist, you’ll want the military MREs or surplus ones that are full of everything. However, just because you read MRE on the side of your military grade meal doesn’t necessarily mean it’s truly military. There are often units that are made just for civilian sales that will meet up wit the military standards. Those who want to be practical won’t necessarily mind the differences and will know to look deep within the product line to find what they need.